DEAN SNOOK played his first major role in a musical as Enjolras, in the sell-out, standing ovation season of Les MisÚrables at the Manning Entertainment Centre in 1995.

Cast included John Thompson as Jean Valjean, Jim Matsinos as Javert, Patricia Williams as Fantine, John Goodfellow as Marius, Fritha Miller (Walker) as Cosette, Lydia Welsh as Eponine, Ross Retallack as Thenardier and Anthony Alexopoulos as Gavroche.

This production was overseen by Peter Casey and acclaimed by many as comparable to any. Directed by Mike Collins and Musical Directed by Don Secomb, this production sold out the month before it was staged and to date is still revered as one of the most successful musicals ever produced.

Dean went on to play Jean Valjean in 2003 for CPAC (Music Theatre Guild Judges Award) and Javert in 2006 for DTC.


His passionate and powerful vocal presence was next brought to the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar (1996).

The interpretation was a period piece, including a real 'hanging' for the Judas character on stage, complete with hydraulic platform and a rope that descended from the ceiling in front of wide-eyed capacity crowds.

In 2004, Dean played the counter-role of Jesus for CPAC (Melbourne).

"It was way more fun playing the bad guy. How can you convince anyone you're the son of God? But Judas ... now, no-one really knows much about him ... a far more interesting character for an actor to play."


1997-2000 saw Dean highlighted in Viva Broadway & Viva Rydell via the Production Company Triumvirate Entertainment. The original VIVA line-up included Ian Schubert, Paul Eade and Paul Karen. When Paul left the group, his shoes were filled by David Schubert. The Viva series of concerts were choreographed by Andrea Glennon (now Rowsell) and featured the La Vive Classique Dancers plus a variety of Guest Stars. These included Ali Graham, Jimi Morris and Kieran Ryan.

performing Sweet Transvestite

His next lead role was the Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance (1998) under the Direction of Ian Schubert and the Musical Direction of Leigh Vaughan. Jeremy Miller played Frederick, Geraldine Mullen played Ruth and Fritha Miller (Walker) played Mabel.

Dean reprised his role of the Pirate King for the Melbourne CPAC production of The Pirates of Penzance in August 2003, receiving a Lyrebird nomination for Best Actor in a Musical.

The Manning Entertainment Centre version was based on the Kevin Klne interpretation, whereas CPAC followed the Jon English incarnatation.



1999 included Godspell, Vivariety and Rosie (workshop) with Hazel Philips. In 2000, Dean played Garry le Jeune in Noises Off!

His final role at the Manning Entertainment Centre in 2001 was as Miles Gloriosus in the Sondheim classic A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, with Paul Eade as Hero, Mike Collins as Pseudolus and Bruce Wiseman as Senex.


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