CPAC staged Les Mis at the Cardinia Cultural Centre in 2003, featuring Dean as Valjean, Nat Oliver as Javert, Hayley Bellis as Cosette, Greg Whitehead as Marius and Ange O'Brien as Eponine. Thenardier was played by Robert Mulholland, Madame Thenardier by Bridget Flood, Fantine by Sally Fithall and Enjolras by Dan Bellis.

DEAN was honoured to receive the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Judges Award for his portrayal of Jean Valjean in this production.

The production was the first large scale musical production to be staged at the Cardinia Cultural Centre and was also CPAC's first major undertaking as a theatre company.


... alone I wait in the shadows ...

Following the 2003 production of Les MisÚrables, DEAN performed as the Pirate King in the August 2003 CPAC production of The Pirates of Penzance, a role for which he received a Lyrebird Award nomination for Best Actor In A Musical.

Following his role of Jesus in CPAC's Jesus Christ Superstar (2004), DEAN appeared as both PHARAOH and JACOB in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Feb-March 2005 at the Cardinia Cultural Centre.

Joseph featured David Fernee in the title role with Ange O'Brien and Tania Preston doubling the role of the Narrator. Ben Sowden played Potiphar and Jess Dalton was Mrs Potiphar.



2005 saw the production in Melbourne of his Original Musical Tower of Wow at the Kaleide Theatre. Featuring Greg Pascoe as Percino, Chris Van Raay as The Driver, Stephen Oakes as The Hitman and Annette Burd as Tilly.

Tower of Wow is a Rock Musical based on Deans novel: The Anti-Hero and his original music and lyrics. Emily Jay played Maxine Snert with Kirstie d'Argaville, Eira Joy Aringay and Megan Webster playing The Shadows. Officer Bob was played by Royce Bruce and Matt Moran appeared as The Boyfriend. The Guitar Daemon was Kieran Ryan of Kidsam fame.

Tower of Wow was featured as a showcase in the 2014 production of Fabaret with a smaller cast, including Patt Ryan, Tim Blencowe, Megan Connelly, Michael Voss, Rebecca Fletcher and Holly Pretorius.The Guitar Daemon was Daniel Windred.



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